The Genetics of Cattle


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Preface, R. Fries and A. Ruvinsky. 1. Systematics and phylogeny of cattle, J. A. Lenstra and D. G. Bradley. 2. Genetic aspects of domestication, D. G. Bradley and E. P. Cunningham. 3. Genetics of colour variation, T. A. Olson. 4. Genetics of morphological traits and inherited disorders, F. W. Nicholas. 5. Blood groups and biochemical polymorphisms, H. C. Hines. 6. The molecular genetics of cattle, D. Vaiman. 7. Molecular genetics of molecules with immunological functions: major histocompatibility complex, immunoglobulins, T-cell receptors, cytokines and their receptors, H. A. Lewin, M. Amills and V. K. Ramiya. 8. Genetics of disease resistance, A. J. Teale. 9. Molecular biology and genetics of bovine spongiform encephalopathy [BSE], N. Hunter. 10. Cytogenetics and physical chromosome maps, R. Fries and P. Popescu. 11. Genetic linkage mapping, the gene maps of cattle and the lists of loci, W. Barendse and R. Fries. 12. Genetics of behaviour in cattle, D. Buchenauer. 13. Genetics and biology of reproduction in cattle, B. W. Kirkpatrick. 14. Reproductive technologies and transgenics, N. L. First, M. Mitalipova, and M. Kent First. 15. Developmental genetics, A. Ruvinsky and L. J. Spicer 16. Genetic resources and conservation, D. L. Simon. 17. Marker-assisted Selection, M. R. Dentine 18. Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle, M. E. Goddard and G. R. Wiggans 19. Molecular Genetics of Milk Production, W. S. Bawden and K. R. Nicholas 20. Genetic Improvement of Beef Cattle, B. P. Kinghorn and G. Simm 21. Genetics of Meat Quality, D. M. Marshall 22. Genetic Aspects of Cattle Adaptation in the Tropics, S. Newman and S. G. Coffey 23. Standardized Genetic Nomenclature for Cattle, C. H. S. Dolling 24. Breeds of Cattle, D. S. Buchanan and S. L. Dolezal.

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