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Author: Kraft | Dietrich

Molecular Biology and Immunology of Allergens

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Kraft, Dietrich


CRC Press

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Molecular Biology and Immunology of Allergens explores the characteristics of natural allergens and allergens produced by recombinant DNA techniques. The book covers important inhalant allergens such as pollen, mites, molds, and pet dander, as well as insect venoms and Chironomid hemoglobin allergens. Biological functions of allergens; the structural definition of allergens by NMR, crystallography, and computer modeling; and the production of recombinant allergens are discussed. Special attention is given to the search for the most effective expression systems in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms and the purification of recombinant allergens as fusion and non-fusion proteins. Other topics addressed include the production of allergen-specific T cell clones, the discovery of T cell epitopes by stimulation with overlapping peptides, and methods to induce T cell anergy by tolerogenic allergen-derived peptides. Molecular Biology and Immunology of Allergens will be an excellent reference for all researchers and clinicians in allergology, immunology, molecular biology, allergen extracting, and immunotherapy.


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