Exchange and Transport of Air Pollutants Over Complex Terrain and the Sea


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As the regional models required to understand and control the generation, distribution and deposition of air pollutants become more precise, the need to understand the detailed effects of hilly and mountainous terrain becomes more acute. The alpine regions and the mountainous Mediterranean coasts have large effects on the way the pollutant burden is spread in their areas. Similarly an understanding of the effects of chemical and physical processes controlling pollutant deposition and the emission of biogenic organic compounds is essential to the correct modelling of the coastal regions which surround so much of Europe. This book presents the results from two projects in which these problems were studied; one involved a series of field campaigns in the Alps and in the Rhine valley; the other, campaigns involving ships and platforms in the North Sea and also in the Mediterranean. For each there is an overview by the coordinator together with reviews of particular topics and contributions from the individual principal investigators. The book is volume 9 of the series on Transport and Chemical Transformation of Pollutants in the Troposphere.

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