Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, And Gymnosperms


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Bryophytes and pteridophytes are two large groups of spore producing land plants. Bryophytes are a group of small, mostly non-vascular, land plants that share a unique life cycle having a dominant gametophyte. The spore producing body called sporophyte is permanently attached to the sexual body called gametophyte. The gametophytic bodies of bryophytes can be either thalloid or leafy. The pteridophytes, which include the ferns and fern allies, are a group of vascular land plants with a dominant sporophytic body. The gametophytic body, the prothallus, is minute, often heart-shaped and free living. Like bryophytes, members of pteridophytic group do not produce seeds but only spores. Angiosperms are seed-producing plants like the gymnosperms and can be distinguished from the gymnosperms by characteristics including flowers, endosperm within the seeds, and the production of fruits that contain the seeds. The book details the reproductive system and physical characteristics of bryophytes, pteridophytes, and gymnosperms.

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