Agricultural Health and Safety Workplace, Environment, Sustainability


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This comprehensive new book, Agricultural Health and Safety, provides extensive coverage of issues arising in the interrelated fields of health, agriculture, and the environment. The significance of this book is a direct result of the increasing number of health and safety issues in agriculture and its associated industries. It contains sections written by experts, and includes papers presented at the Third International Symposium for Issues in Health, Agriculture and the Environment. Topics include lung disease in farmers, respiratory effects of long-term exposure to grain dust and air contaminants, respiratory hazards of pork producers, occupational asthma, allergic disorders in plant growers, allergic rhinitis in farmers, respiratory effects of inhaled endotoxins, organic dust toxic syndrome, cancer risks, hazards of pesticides, neurological risks, work-related accidents, prevention and safe practice, sustainable farming systems, and more. In all cases, the issues are broadly integrated with those of the environment.No other book presents such a broad perspective of the field.

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Dosman, James A.


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