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Author: Snyder | Scott D.

Active Noise Control Primer

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Snyder, Scott D.


Springer Science & Business Media

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Active noise control – the reduction of noise by generating an acoustic signal that actively interferes with the noise – has become an active area of basic research and engineering applications. The aim of this book is to present all of the basic knowledge one needs for assessing how useful active noise control will be for a given problem and then to provide some guidance for designing, setting up, and tuning an active noise-control system. Written for students who have no prior knowledge of acoustics, signal processing, or noise control but who do have a reasonable grasp of basic physics and mathematics, the book is short and descriptive. It leaves for more advanced texts or research monographs all mathematical details and proofs concerning vibrations, signal processing and the like. The book can thus be used in independent study, in a classroom with laboratories, or in conjunction with a kit for experiment or demonstration. Topics covered include: basic acoustics; human perception and sound; sound intensity and related concepts; fundamentals of passive noise-control strategies; basics of digital systems; basics of adaptive controllers; and active noise control systems.


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