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Author : Soesilo, J. Andy|Wilson, Stephanie
ISBN : 0-873714970
Year of Publication: 34796

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This new book describes the management of hazardous waste programs in the private and public sectors from the planning perspective. Hazardous Waste Planning covers a wide variety of planning components as well as the types of hazardous waste planning. It systematically compiles various sources of documentation in the field of hazardous waste management and planning and blends them into an integrated planning text.
The twelve chapters in the book are divided into five main topical sections. The introduction presents problems and issues confronting individuals in the hazardous waste management and planning profession. Most importantly, it provides approaches to address these problems. The fundamental of hazardous waste planning are reviewed along with the scope of hazardous waste planning. Legal aspects are presented, such as statutory and regulatory frameworks, rule development, and state authorization.
Data requirements and management are detailed, and a system approach to data analysis is offered. The book provides numerous types of hazardous waste planning methods and programs, allowing readers to choose the one that best suits their objectives. A comprehensive discussion is included regarding site correction and remediation planning. The book details important response procedures for on-site and community emergencies.
The book addresses citizen participation planning, offering details for strategizing community relations and developing a public participation plan. The text concludes with a look at hazardous waste planning trends and aspects of local government management of hazardous waste.
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Author : Soesilo, J. Andy|Wilson, Stephanie
ISBN : 0-873714970
Year of Publication: 34796

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