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The book focuses on nutritive values in bajra, maize and groundnut. Pearl millet (bajra) is tasty, with a mildly sweet, nut like flavour and contains a myriad of beneficial nutrients. Corn grains when consumed daily help to keep a check on the blood cholesterol level. Corn flour paste in water acts as an effective face pack to remove acne and other skiny blemishes. Groundnuts also known as peanuts are tasty as well as healthy. They are beneficial in the treatment of hemophillia and other such inherited blood disorders. The book highlights nutritive values and health benefits of different recipes. It discusses what are the low cost crops like bajra, maize and groundnut. Nutritive value in selected crops, different varieties of recipes, health benefits and use in different forms. In second part of the book ingredients required, method of preparation and nutritional information have been given for recipes (shown in colour) which can be prepared from bajra, maize and groundnut. A useful book for doctors, home scientists, all human beings and farmers.

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