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Author : Chandan Roy
ISBN : 9788186772928
Year of Publication: 2017

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This book constructs a bridge between International Trade and Inclusive Development. For long International Trade has been assumed as growth promoter. This book will deal with several theoretical arguments regarding the development issues of International Trade. It primarily deals with a wide range of technical issues including complex relationship between international trade and economic development, informal labor benefit from economic reforms, consequences of income inequality on economic growth, environment and economic development, trade liberalization and environmental policy, economic integration and trade, impact on trade-openness on cottage based industry, e-waste management issues etc. This section will meet the need of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Social Science, Environmental Science, international Trade, Economic and Laws. It includes shot essays narrating the linkage between International trade and Inclusive development from various multidisciplinary angles.

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Author : Chandan Roy
ISBN : 9788186772928
Year of Publication: 2017
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