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UNIT - I discusses topics - Training for Human Resource Development: Meaning Definition and Concept of training, Types of training, Training functions, New Concepts in training, Principles of training and practices, Problems of training, Approaches of training, Types of training approaches, Forms of training, Extension training needs assessment, Role of training institution, Role of farmers training centre. UNIT - II discusses topics - Participatory Training Method: Introduction, Human Resources for modernisation of agriculture, Training methods, Concepts of participatory training, Participatory approach to technical training. UNIT - III discusses topics - ELC and Training Institutions: Experiential learning cycle, Theory of ELC, Seven step model of presentation, Designing extension training programmes, What is curriculum development? Components of standard curriculum, Training institutions, Training methodology, Training media, Training material, Training manuals and handbooks, Selected group training methods for extension personnel. UNIT - IV discusses topics - Human Resource Development and Rural Development, Concept of HRD, Importance of training of HRD, Extension Strategies of HRD, Policies of extension training, What is extension training policy? Elements of national extension training policies, State extension training policy, Frame work of national extension training policy, Extension training monitoring and evaluation, Training reporting, Training monitoring, Training evaluation, Training review, The extension training monitoring and evaluation cycle, Training programme implementation, New Electronic technology in extension training, Multimedia in training. UNIT - V discusses topics - PRA: Participatory Rural Appraisal, Meaning and Definition of PRA, Typology of PRA, Objective of PRA, Principles of PRA, Approaches of PRA, Steps of PRA, Guidelines for designing PRA, Types of PRA, PRA methods of tools, Some PRA techniques, Organisation of PRA

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