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Nehru and Human Resource Development The book is a modest attempt to focus the role of Nehru in the development of human resources of India ever since he entered into the public life. Nehru believed in the dictum that real achievement lies in the development of human resources even though the development of other factors of production are the pre-requisites. Nehru in the midst of his heavy scheduled works thought about the development of the human beings of India. The new policies pursued after abandoning Nehru's path had helped the elite and upper classes to enrich themselves at the cost of the working class which is really contributing very much to uplift the nation as a whole. The new policies had widened the inequalities which Nehru wanted to curb and abolish in due course. Nehru was keen to ameliorate the conditions of the children and adults of all categories including aged and under privileged. Thus his concern for the development of human resources was deep and genuine. Hence, top priority and utmost importance are to be given to human resources development. Neither invention nor new equipment is the substitute for human resources. Without human resources, no progress is possible in any country.

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