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Author : Unger, Paul W.
ISBN : 9780873717304
Year of Publication: 34409

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Many agriculturalists, conservationists, and environmentalists are stressing the importance of sustaining soil productivity so that future generations will have adequate productive land on which to produce food. One significant factor affecting soil productivity is the retention of crop residues on the surface of the soil to help control soil erosion. This book provides a review of the vast amount of literature on the subject, condensing the findings in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner. It focuses on topics such as erosion control, crop production in systems involving surface residues, residue use for fuel and animal feed, plant pathogens, insects, soil properties, and the economics of conservation tillage.

Ch. 1. Residue Production and Uses - An Introduction to Managing Agricultural Residues / Paul W. Unger --
Ch. 2. Wind Erosion Control With Residues and Related Practices / Donald W. Fryrear and James D. Bilbro --
Ch. 3. Influence of Crop Residues on Water Erosion / E. Eugene Alberts and W. Howard Neibling --
Ch. 4. Crop Residue Effects on Water Conservation / Jean L. Steiner --
Ch. 5. Residue Management Impact on the Environment / Gerald K. Sims, Douglas D. Buhler and Ronald F. Turco --
Ch. 6. Influence of Crop Residues on Nutrient Cycling and Soil Chemical Properties / Harry H. Schomberg, Paula B. Ford and William L. Hargrove --
Ch. 7. Residue Effects on Soil Physical Properties / Eileen J. Kladivko --
Ch. 8. Surface Crop Residue Effects on the Soil Surface Energy Balance / Robert Horton, Gerard J. Kluitenberg and Keith L. Bristow --
Ch. 9. Residue Effects on Soil Micro- and Macro-Organisms / Verlan L. Cochran, Stephen D. Sparrow and Elena B. Sparrow.
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Author : Unger, Paul W.
ISBN : 9780873717304
Year of Publication: 34409

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