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Author : Moody, Sally A.
ISBN : 9780123695482
Year of Publication: 39264

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Unlike anything currently available in the market, Dr. Sally A. Moody and a team of world-renowned experts provide a groundbreaking view of developmental genetics that will influence scientific approaches in embryology, comparative biology, as well as the newly emerging fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Principles of Developmental Genetics highlights the intersection of developmental biology with new revolutionary genomic technologies, and details how these advances have accelerated our understanding of the molecular genetic processes that regulates development. This definitive resource provides researchers with the opportunity to gain important insights into the clinical applicability of emerging new technologies and animal model data. This book is a must-have for all researchers in genetics, developmental biology, regenerative medicine, and stem cell biology.

- Includes new research not previously published in any other book on the molecular genetic
processes that regulates development
- Chapters present a broad understanding on the application of animal model systems, allowing
researchers to better treat clinical disorders and comprehend human development
- Relates the application of new technologies to the manipulation of stem cells, causes of
human birth defects, and several human disease conditions
- Each chapter includes a bulleted summary highlighting clinical aspects of animal models
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Author : Moody, Sally A.
ISBN : 9780123695482
Year of Publication: 39264

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