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Author : White, Kevin
ISBN : 9780761941163
Year of Publication: 38743

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The inter-relationships of health, illness and society are matters of intense and growing research and debate. Kevin White has performed an extraordinary service to anyone who would wish to understand or contribute to such debates. His dictionary is authoritative and comprehensive. It provides clear, confident and succinct summaries of key terms, concepts, debates and influential figures in the field of social aspects of health' - "Ray Fitzpatrick, Professor of Public Health, University of Oxford "

The field of Health Studies has grown enormously over the last 25 years. Yet surprisingly, until now, no comprehensive and authoritative Dictionary of key terms has been available. This book fills the gap with over 900 terms used in the health studies field. The dictionary:

-Provides one-stop coverage of the social scientific arena in Health Studies

-Offers concise definitions of key terms and thinkers

-Entries are cross indexed to facilitate comprehension

-Focuses on global key terms which apply to the entire field rather

than the application of terms in different countries

Chosen with finesse and understanding of student needs, the entries provide readers with a key resource in the field of Health Studies.
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Author : White, Kevin
ISBN : 9780761941163
Year of Publication: 38743

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