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Author : Costa, Lucio G.|Manzo, Luigi
ISBN : 9780849392313
Year of Publication: 35933

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Many chemical compounds present in workplace settings can produce a number of impairments in the human nervous system. As the situations in which neurotoxic agents have been recognized in exposed workers has grown, so has the importance of occupational neurotoxicology as a specialty. Addressing some of the most vital concerns in the field, Occupational Neurotoxicology discusses:
Neurotoxic agents commonly encountered in the workplace

Signs and symptoms of neurotoxicity and of the factors affecting neurotoxic effects

Biological monitoring and the use of biomarkers

Epidemiological methods and clinical approaches to occupational neurotoxicology

The analysis of behavioral, electrophysiological, and imaging techniques in the diagnosis of neurotoxicity

Occupational neurotoxicity in developing countries

The evaluation and management of occupational illnesses due to neurotoxicity
Occupational Neurotoxicology concisely covers important facts on the adverse effects of chemical, biological, and physical agents that can impair or alter the structure of the nervous system. Professionals and researchers in the fields of occupational medicine, toxicology, epidemiology, neurology, industrial hygiene, and psychology will all find relevant information on the health problems that can occur from exposure to neurotoxicants.
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Author : Costa, Lucio G.|Manzo, Luigi
ISBN : 9780849392313
Year of Publication: 35933

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