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Author : Welschenbach, Michael
ISBN : 9781402086236
Year of Publication: 38353

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'This book is well researched and highly accessible. It is both a useful and much needed addition to the literature on race and social research' - "Ethnic and Racial Studies "

'The book is well laid out with glossaries of significant new terms and summaries of key points at the end of each chapter, extensive notes and a very useful bibliography. Knowle's book is a welcome contribution to our understanding, and its emphasis on social analysis helps to bridge what sometimes appears to be a widening gap between the academic and policy/practitioner communities. She provides some significant insights into the inter-relationships between everyday race/ethnicity making and contemporary political and theoretical understandings'

" - Runnymede's Quarterly Bulletin"

'Knowles writes eloquently about how we can challenge and change racist ideas, and ideas about race this is an important and enjoyable book, which would be valuable to academics or students of any discipline' "- Sociological Research Online


In Race and Social Analysis, Caroline Knowles combines biographical and spatial analysis to provide an up-to-date account of the ways race and ethnicity operate in a global context.

The author argues that race and ethnicity is intricately woven into the social landscapes in which we live - encompassing both the mundane interactions of daily life and the ways in which the contemporary world is organized. Through social analysis, the book shows the ways in which we all contribute to race making and the forms of social inequality it produces.

Drawing on the work of other authors in the field and extending it to provide some avenues into conceptualizing and researching race, Caroline Knowles examines:

. how race and ethnicity operate in the social world

. the making of race and ethnicity by the connections between people, spaces and places

. the ways race and ethnicity articulate current analytical themes in social science such as space, movement and global networks

. the ways in which broader structures of racial orders are apparent in everyday lives and the stories people tell about them

. the ways in which places and spaces are raced and ethnicised

. the ways in which race is significant in the operation of globalization and global migration

. the making of whiteness

Race and Social Analysis offers a grounded theoretical examination of race & ethnicity that draws upon examples in Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia. It offers a unique take on the available literature by adding a missing British account of whiteness'."
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Author : Welschenbach, Michael
ISBN : 9781402086236
Year of Publication: 38353

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