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Author : Anil Kumar Acharya
ISBN : 9788186772874
Year of Publication: 2016

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Preface. 1. Status of Sanskrit Studies in Tripura-past and present/Sipra Ray. 2. Teaching of Sanskrit in Sanskrit/Chandan Kumar Chakraborty. 3. Poetic splendor of Srirajaratnakaram/Debaraj Panigrahi. 4. Present trend of Sanskrit studies in Tripura/Tarun Kumar Sinha. 5. The terminal velocity of Sanskrit : Issues and concerns of its survival and continuity/Piyadarshi Bahinipati. 6. Understanding the history of the aborigine through ancient Sanskrit Literature: reflection on the Mahabharata/Ravi Khangai. 7. Environmental awareness in Sanskrit literature: with special reference to the Vedas and the Upanisads/Monoranjan Das.  (8 articles in Hindi)

This book Essays on Sanskrit Studies’ is a compilation of selected papers, written in Sanskrit, English and Bengali, presented in the National Seminar on “Sanskrit Studies: its past, Present and future, with special reference to Tripura organised by the  Department of Sanskrit, Ambedkar College, Fatikrov Unakoti, Tripura, from 28th to 29 th to July 2015. Expert papers compiled herein present different metters related to the status and treands of Sanskrit studies in Indian, in general, and Tripura, in special. They conver importance of the study of Sanskrit, problems of its teaching role and influence of Sanskrit on the regional language and literature of Tripura, i.e. Bengali, contribution of Tripura to Sanskrit literature etc. In most of the papers scholars have focused on the past and present trends of Sanskrit studies in Tripura by highlighting different aspects of Sanskrit studies in the state viz., use of Sanskrit in the royal activities of Tripura, scholarly Sanskrit compositions of Tripura, Sanskrit academics etc

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Author : Anil Kumar Acharya
ISBN : 9788186772874
Year of Publication: 2016
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